The New Year Miracle

Do you want to know what I love about New Year’s Day?

I love that it falls seven days from Christmas.

Seems like a random thing to love, right? It actually is not so random. December 25 is the day that has been chosen to celebrate the birth of Christ, which means New Year’s Day would be considered Jesus’ eighth day in the Jewish culture: the day of His circumcision.

This would also be the same day, according to Jewish custom, that the name “Jesus” would officially be announced (Luke 2:21). It wasn’t just the moment of Christ’s birth that interrupted time and space, but the moment that the name that had been hidden for generations was finally revealed: the first time the name Jesus was made known publicly.

That. Is. Powerful.

The name of Jesus changed time and history. Our calendar is marked by it. It’s a humbling reminder that He is enough.

I love that New Year’s doesn’t just mark a time for a fresh start—it marks a moment when the name of Jesus changed everything and offered the ultimate fresh start for all that call on His name.

Christmas is not the only Miracle. New Year’s Day is too.