Speak Life

Speak Life. What does that even mean? During such a polarizing political and social climate, what does it look like to speak life into those around us?

As I have been mulling this question over in my mind, I keep getting drawn back to a memory of my son, Jackson.

This particular memory took place at a favorite summertime spot of ours: our local lake beach. We were there with our then three-year-old son and another little boy. The boy we were with was visibly scared of the water. He would not let go of his mother’s hand despite there being no reason to be scared of the smooth, still cool water. Our son saw his fear and decided to do something about it!

He walked over to the boy and said, “You aren’t scared. Let go! You’re brave! There’s no reason to be scared!” You could instantly see this little boy get a little prouder as his chest started to puff up a bit with his shoulders back. Just as his self-esteem became noticeably boosted, he let go of his mother’s hand.

At three-years-old, Jackson knew how to speak life into the people around him.

Proverbs 18:21 says,

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue”

Our words have power. Which power are we using? Jackson used his words to speak life into his friend. He spoke life-giving words into existence over his friend and I am convinced that little boy’s world was a little better that day because of it.

Our words have power. Which power are we using?

Rebukes and corrections are necessary, yes. But, overall, are we speaking life and the love of Jesus into the people around us?
Are we seeing people for who God says they are and calling that out from within them?

Are we speaking like a three-year-old little boy that wants his friend to live life to the fullest with no fear of tomorrow?

Is there a person in your life with an infectious smile, but that smile has been missing lately? Maybe you need to thank them for being a bright light wherever they go. I can guarantee that smile will come back.

Is there a person that has been stricken with fear? Maybe you need to thank that person for caring so deeply for the world around them. It won’t encourage their fear. It will call out the caring, peaceful spirit from within them.

We have the power to speak bravery, joy, and peace over people.

Our words have power. Which power are we using?

4 Replies to “Speak Life”

  1. So, I am now a follower…why did I think I already was? Sorry about that.

    The message has not fallen on deaf ears. I’m trying to speak life from now on.

    Love you!

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  2. I’ve been trying to be more intentional about this…Being an encourager like Barnabas. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives that we become passive, if not complacent, in seeking out others to lift up. Looking outward is necessary to be given opportunities to speak life into our people. Thanks for the reminder!

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