This month marks one year since my maternal grandmother passed away. She was easily one of the strongest, most faith-filled women I have ever met. I aspire to cling to Jesus and my Bible the way she did!

When she was in her eighties, she fell in a parking lot and shattered her elbow. An injury like this would have been devastating for a person in his or her twenties much less a person in her eighties. I remember so vividly talking to her about it. She told me, “Tiffany, when I fell to the ground, do you want to know the first thing I did? I thanked the Lord because He says to give thanks in all things.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

That statement left me speechless.

Was she thankful for the pain? Probably not.

Did she believe good could come from it? Absolutely.

Anyone that knew her can guarantee that every doctor she came into contact with due to her injury got to hear about Jesus. Anyone who has talked to my grandma for more than 30 seconds could attest to that.

Her body was shaken, but her faith never failed.

I think that is a good way to sum up her life into once sentence. As someone that lived through the Great Depression along with hard life stories that I could not even begin to describe to you, her life was shaken on many occasions.

Her life was shaken, but her faith remained.

Someone at work asked me what my thoughts were on this COVID-19 season. I told her that, for me, it is a reminder that everything that can be shaken will be shaken so what cannot be shaken will remain (Hebrews 12:27).

Paychecks can be shaken.
Health can be shaken.
Homes can be shaken.
Countries can be shaken.
The Stock Market can be shaken.

What is there that cannot be shaken? The Kingdom of Heaven.

This season is a reminder to hold loosely to what can be shaken. This season is a reminder to be thankful for what cannot be shaken.

If you are in a situation that has left you shaken, please know that there is always hope. There is always more.

Seasons are temporary—both good and bad.

Don’t place your hope in the good seasons. Instead, just be grateful for them.

Don’t lose your hope in the hard seasons. Instead, just be grateful for them.

It may not make sense now, but I know from experience that God can take any season or situation and use it for good. Praise Jesus for that!

If you are in a hard season, please reach out for help. You were not meant to do this life alone. If you need assistance in any way, contact me here so I can assist in connecting you to resources designed to help physically and encourage spiritually during this time.

Don’t let social distancing make you believe the lie that you are alone. We are in this together.

Walk in Faith. Walk in Hope. Walk in gratitude.

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  1. Love this! What a testament to your grandmother and your faith. Thank you for bringing words of hope this season! You have a beautiful gift in writing, Tiffany. ❤️

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