Don’t Miss Out: Follow the Cloud

After four years of college in Arkansas, my husband and I decided to move back to Texas in May of 2012. In Arkansas, we were both heavily involved in our local church. Finding a new church home in Texas was our top priority.

We had a list of churches we wanted to visit in the DFW Metroplex. After all, there are some amazing churches and pastors in the area! We just knew it would take a while to find the right fit, but we were dedicated to taking our time to find where God wanted us.

The first church on our list was Valley Creek. Honestly, it was only at the top because that is where my parents had been attending while I was in Arkansas. We thought of this as merely our first step on a journey to visit many churches.

However, years have passed and we have yet to visit another church. Over five years later and I cannot imagine being anywhere else!

We are blessed to be a part of Valley Creek Church. This church has made a huge impact in our lives and in the lives of countless others. Valley Creek is a Jesus Focused, Spirit Filled, Life Giving church that constantly seeks unity because they know that God only says one thing.

Valley Creek has been one of the biggest blessings God has given us, and a lot of that has to do with the leadership of our Lead Pastor, John Stickl.

My family has experienced several breakthroughs through the messages Pastor John has given, and his messages are about to reach even more people!

On August 1st, Pastor John Stickl’s first book, Follow the Cloud, will be released! God has done incredible things through the Stickl family, and I know this book will be no different. With that being said, I don’t want anyone to miss out!

If you want just a taste of the breakthroughs our church has been experiencing over the past 6+ years, this is your opportunity!

At the very least, I hope you all take a moment to visit the book’s website. I truly believe it will be worth your time. My prayer is that you all are just as blessed through this book as we have been by our church family!

For more information, and to find out how to order your copy, go to

I broke my typical every other Wednesday blog post schedule in order to tell you all about this book, but come back on Wednesday, August 16th for my next regular post!

In the meantime, once you get your copy of Follow the Cloud, please feel free to comment with your thoughts below!

10 Replies to “Don’t Miss Out: Follow the Cloud”

  1. I was one of the blessed few to read the advanced reader copy of of FTC. Both my husband and I have lived in the Lewisville/Flo MO area before we were married, but our family moved here tow years ago after the birth of our daughter. His mom has been in the VCC family for over a decade, and I visited whenever I was in the area. My husband grew up in a church going household, but an event within the family caused him to leave the church h for a few years. After we married in 2012, he started taking his next steps back and now we attend together.

    FTC is a verbal reminder that God’s grace, love and guidance is in my husband’s story, my story and our story. It’s been awesome to fully recognize the teachings of Pastor John and dig a little deeper into those messages.

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  2. I love your post and your family has been such a blessing to our family! We have been going to Valley Creek for over 11 years and thinking back I can’t even count the blessings from being part of the Valley Creek family. God has answered prayers that has changed my life, my families life and he has surrounded us with amazing Church leadership and Godly friends. So excited to see what God does next!

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  3. I always feel like a new town isn’t home until you’ve found a church! So thankful the Lord led you where you are!


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